Report: Maine Lacks Living Wage Jobs

MPA Statement on Budget Deal


The "fiscal cliff" was a political creation that treated foundational programs like unemployment insurance and Social Security - programs many Mainers depend upon for survival - as political bargaining chips. Our members spoke up loudly to demand an end to the Bush tax cuts on earned income above $250,000/year, and MPA members were vocal about the need to protect and strengthen programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Over the past two months, thousands of Mainers took action with MPA to support these common-sense budget solutions.

Mainers Have Spoken on Tax Fairness

Candidates Won on Fundamental Values

From Bangor to Scarborough to Boothbay to Waterville and hundreds of other Maine towns yesterday, candidates won who stood up and spoke out for the everyday Maine values of community and fairness and focused their campaigns on improving the lives on Maine people. They showed the strength of their convictions and Maine voters responded. Too often in politics, races are fought based on the superficial - misleading attacks, the avoidance of important issues and simple labels like left, right and center. In contrast, this year saw candidates with strong moral compasses tackle big issues head-on.

False Attacks

MPA Statement on Blatantly False Attacks:

Today, a new round of attack mailers is landing in mailboxes across the state. These mail pieces, funded by Anthem insurance company and targeting a number of candidates who oppose Anthem's rate hikes, represent one of the most fundamentally dishonest attacks ever committed in Maine politics.

Even by the loose standards of attack ads, the claims made are absolutely indefensible.

The Rate Hike Law

In the year since Public Law 90 passed, Lisa Burton, who along with her husband owns Reel Pizza Cinerama in Bar Harbor, has seen health insurance premiums for her business and its employees increase by more than 95%. A 46% increase last year was followed by a 66% increase just days ago.



The state shouldn't cut health care services for hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Mainers while at the same time allowing new tax cuts that mainly benefit wealthy individuals and corporations. That was the message heard today from more than 50 lawmakers who have signed on to a plan for what they believe is a more responsible solution to the state budget than the massive cuts proposed by Governor LePage.

4,000 Messages

Many of the more than 50 State Legislators who have endorsed a responsible solution on the state budget will join 175 members of the Maine People's Alliance in the Hall of Flags on Thursday to declare that the burden of balancing the budget shouldn't fall solely on those who can least afford it.

DHHS Investigation

The Maine People's Alliance today joins the calls for an investigation into the conduct of Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner and former corporate lobbyist Mary Mayhew for providing incorrect budgetary information to the Legislature which played a role in the loss of all health care for more than 14,000 Mainers and service cuts for hundreds of thousands more.

Sen. Snowe

Just hours ago, Senator Olympia Snowe announced she will end her race for re-election. Nobody expected this.

The balance of power in the United States Senate may now depend on Maine.

In the next few weeks and months, we have a chance to directly influence the course of events here and across the nation, but only if we act quickly.

We've seen what's happened in Maine when the extreme, Tea Party wing of the Republican party takes over our government. We can't afford for them to get ahold of a U.S. Senate seat in Maine.


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