MPA Budget Statement

Today (Wednesday, February 8th) the Appropriations Committee of the Maine Legislature announced a budget plan for 2012 that eliminates all health care for more than 14,000 Mainers and cuts important preventative care measures for hundreds of thousands more. It also allows for more possible cuts in the yet-unresolved budget for 2013.

A Responsible Solution

Should we cut health care services for more than a hundred thousand Mainers, including seniors, the poor, people with disabilities and children?

Or, should we cancel the new tax cuts for the rich, make sure the 1% pay their fair share and invest in quality care that will cost us less and keep Maine healthier?


Send a Message: Create Jobs, Not Poverty

Blaine House protest - December

Governor Paul LePage has launched a new attack on jobless workers in Maine. Instead of focusing on creating jobs, he’s proposed new cuts to Maine’s unemployment system.

I Support Clean Elections

Republicans on the Legal and Veteran's Affairs Committee have voted along party lines to begin to dismantle the Clean Election Act, Maine's system of public campaign financing.

2011 Scorecard

This scorecard of voting records of members of the 125th Maine Legislature showcases a sample of bills from across the issue areas that are most important to the members of the Maine People’s Alliance. Legislators’ overall percentage scores should give you a good sense of where they stand not just on the individual issues, but their fundamental values, including where they stand on community, investing in the future, fairness, equality, and justice for all Maine people.

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Mercury Delay

The legal delays and stall tactics employed by Mallinckrodt continue to hold back cleanup progress at the HoltraChem site in Orrington. After almost a year, the company still has not complied with the final BEP order that requires them to remove two leaking landfills on the site, repair the remaining three, and begin the rest of the work needed to restore the site to a safe standard and stop mercury from leaking into the Penobscot River. The company’s current objections have taken two forms – stalling progress on site and filing a legal appeal.

Next Week

Next week, we anticipate that the Secretary of State will certify the signatures we've gathered for the People's Veto to protect voting rights. Together we will have officially gathered more valid signatures more quickly than has ever been done before by a grassroots campaign in Maine.

But this campaign is far from over and opponents of voting rights haven't been sitting on their hands.

While we've been gathering signatures and preparing for the campaign, they've launched a media blitz in local newspapers all over Maine.


Protecting Votes

On August 8th, the Maine People’s Alliance and a broad coalition of ally organizations delivered more than 68,000 signatures to the Maine Secretary of State, ensuring that a referendum to protect the right of Maine people to register on Election Day will be on the ballot this November.

Never before has a People’s Veto campaign succeeded in making the November ballot without hiring a professional petition gathering firm. From the beginning, the coalition decided to run a grassroots campaign focused on volunteer engagement. In the end, this incredible feat was accomplished through the hard work of more than 1,500 volunteers, representing every county and almost every town in Maine.

Lack of Credibility

Maine Heritage Policy Center Loses What Little Credibility It Had Left
MPA Calls On Maine Heritage Policy Center to Reimburse State for Cost of Their Antics

The latest "shocking" video released by the Maine Heritage Policy Center and their national partners in an attempt to undermine the system that provides health care benefits for Maine families is even less "shocking" than the last.

People's Veto

MPA and our allies have launched a People's Veto campaign to stop the attempt to eliminate same-day voter registration in Maine.

Learn more and sign up to join the fight at



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